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  • Supports Multiple Accounts
  • Verify LoL Ranks
  • Full Duoo Functionality
  • Multi-Server Support
Verify Ranks

With Miko you can help your users with verification of LoL Ranks, by confirming ownership of an account they get a role in your server.

Fetch Profiles

By using the /profile command, your users can fetch other Duoo Users profiles by Discord tags or Duoo Handles.

Duo Requests

Your users can use the command /duo to send duo requests to others users who are actively looking for a duo!

Duo Reviews

Your users can also review each other once they played at least one game together with the command /review.

Multi-Server Support

By using the command /lfg, the user´s profile will be posted in all Duoo connected servers.

Supports Smurfs

Duoo was designed to support gamers with alt accounts, therefore your users can add all their smurfs on all regions.

Advanced Embeds

Miko was designed to be easy to use, we achieve this by carefully designing embeds that are easy to interact with.

Free to use

Duoo is completely free to use for any server owner, we also have a dedicated support team to help you with the setup if needed.

There's already 100,000+ discord users connected through servers using Miko

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