Lets get Miko setup in your server!

Start off by clicking the button below to invite Miko to your server and then follow the guidelines below to have it fully setup.

Invite Miko
Picture of our bot in action

Setting up Miko for success

Miko has a few features that enables it for success in your server, keep in mind though that all of this is optional and if you want to use the bot only for fetching Duoo profiles then nothing else than inviting is required, the main features of Miko are:

  • Verifying Ranks - Requires Roles Setup
  • Region Roles - Requires Roles Setup
  • Lane Roles - Requires Roles Setup
  • LFG Roles - Requires Roles Setup
  • LFG Posts (Multi-Server) - Requires Channels Setup
  • Duo Reviews - Requires Channels Setup

Below we will guide you through how to set this up successfully!

Step 1: Setting up Roles

Once Miko has been invited to your server it's time to setup the roles needed for ranks, regions, lanes and so forth.

The owner of the server needs to start of by logging into Duoo using discord by either clicking here or by signing in on our login page, once signed in, you will be shown a Setup Profile page, this is used for setting up your Duoo profile, so you can ignore this.

In the sidebar, you should see your server icon as shown in the screenshot below:

Duoo setup page

Click it, and it will take you to the settings page for your server, once here you have 4 tabs for the various role types that you can setup, now all you have to do is select a previously created role or have us create a role for you by clicking the Create button:

Role configuration page

Once all the roles has been set up, your users can now use the /setup command to have their roles assigned!

Note: Styling, hierarchy and permissions have to be setup by yourself in discord.

Step 2: Setting up Channels

There are two channel types you can setup that Miko utilizes in your server:

  • LFG Channels - Contains all the posts made by users using Duoo through the /lfg command
  • Duo Review Channels - Contains all the reviews made by users through the /review command

Both channel types are completely optional, if you only want one of them thats up to you!

Channels needs to be setup through discord itself and then selected from the dropdown menus for each region, keep in mind that you can use the same channel for the different regions, usually a setup of LFG channels looks like this:

  • #LFG-EUW
  • #LFG-NA

Once channels has been setup Miko is fully setup and you can now enjoy the full power of Miko!

Note: Currently Miko is a Multi-Server bot, which means that posts from other servers will be shown in your LFG channels, option to disable this will be complete very soon!

Step 3: Enjoy Miko!

Thank you for installing Miko in your server, if you ever need any help or support you may contact any of our staff members in our official discord server, we will all be very happy to help you out!

If you have any suggestions, feedback or bug reports you may also report those in our discord server, thanks again and happy duo finding!

- Duoo.gg Founding Team