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Get better teammates with Duoo, the ultimate League of Legends duo finder.

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How it works


Create your profile

Start of by signing in through Discord and connecting your league of legends main & smurfs to your profile.


Find your duo

Find your match by browsing duoos on our site, the go-to LoL duo finder, or by discovering one through our connected Discord servers.


Play & Review

Once you matched and played with a duoo, you can review them by game related metrics.

Only on Duoo

Duoo Profiles

Think of your profile as your showcase for your gaming achievements and who you are as a gamer, our goal is to make it so you only need one page for all your gaming needs.

  • Connect all of your gaming accounts for tracking on one profile
  • Receive reviews from your duos and a Duo Rating showcasing how good you are as a duo
  • Upload Clips and screenshots of your achievements - Coming Soon
  • Socialize with other Duoos on the platform - Coming Soon
Duoo Profiles

Only on Duoo

Discord Bot

We know that Discord is an essential tool for Gamers, therefore we built a Discord bot we call Miko.
Miko has Duoo's full functionality but in a bot format, fetch profiles, send duo requests and review each other all in Discord!

Learn more about Mikoo
Discord Bot

Only on Duoo

Duoo Ratingโ„ข

Finding good teammates is hard, before actually playing with another person it is hard to know if they match your needs, and thats why we designed our Duoo Rating system.

  • Review your duo after playing a game with them, we will automatically track your games played
  • Review them by metrics such as Level of Play, Communication, Friendliness and Attitude
  • Receive a Duoo Rating based on the reviews and reviewers, works just like a ELO system!
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Duo Rating

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We have Answers!

Duoo is a website for finding a gaming partner or Duo Partner, here you can create your own profile and connect your games for stat tracking and find other gamers that play the same game(s) as you.
You can filter profiles by location, languages, games, genders, ranks and so on to find your perfect match.

Once you've created your own profile, you can use it to find duo LoL partners that match your preferences. When you've found another gamer you believe aligns with what you're looking for, send them a Duo Request. If they accept after reviewing your profile, your socials are shared with each other. We then track your games played together, which can be used for reviewing each other and also for competing with other duos on the site.

Currently Duoo only supports League Of Legends, but once we exit our beta we are looking to add many more games such as CSGO, Apex, Fortnite, Warzone, Runescape, WoW and many many more!

No! Duoo is 100% free to use and will remain free forever. However, profile upgrades may come in the future which are 100% optional.

Once you matched with another duoo user and played atleast 1 game with each other you unlock the option to review each other.
You can review your match based on Communication, Level Of Play, Friendlyness and Attitude, based on these variables we then give your match a Duo Rating which gets added to their profile as a ELO system.
Reviewers with higher Duo Rating gives higher Duo Rating to lower rated profiles and so forth!

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